Jon Marinaccio, Landmark Builders, Inc.

From the person that answers the phone to the founder of the company, A2Z have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, accessible, and above all flexible with regard to the challenges that custom residential homes present. Not once have I sensed frustration or a lackadaisical attitude when faced with deadlines or complicated instances where professionalism and candor are required. Ever holding the moral line to ensure a structure is well built, yet compromising enough to acknowledge real-world application. With Landmark Builders, A2Z’s mettle has been proven. 

Michael Matera

My experience with A2Z Engineering has been awesome. The A2Z team never failed to fulfill my demanding needs for structural engineering services. For my residential project, I incorporated advanced construction methods and materials to create a custom structure with high energy efficiency, comfort, and unique free spans. The project combined Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s), and a newly devised, pour-in-place, elevated concrete floor system. A2Z interfaced effectively with the project designer, building component manufactures, and site construction managers. The A2Z professionals identified and corrected flaws in the recommendations and guidelines provided by the component manufactures, yet never alienated relationships with component suppliers or project site managers. Throughout all phases of the project, from: planning; implementation; and critical field decisions, the resources at A2Z Engineering were never more than a telephone call away. All of my needs were resolved promptly and professionally without ever needing to initiate a “reminder call”. I wouldn’t undertake a construction project without structural engineering services and I consider myself very fortunate to have selected A2Z Engineering. 

Louise Tidwell, Snaf LLC

John and his staff at A2Z have worked with us very conscientiously as they paid attention to all facets and details in developing the engineering plans for our project. Additionally, they assisted in preparing documents and in making presentations to respective government offices when we applied for a plan amendment change and for a zoning change. A2Z definitely sets the standard for being professional, using state-of the art engineering practices, and for being courteous and timely. We all benefit from this level of expertise. 

Darin Frederick, Wisebuilt Inc.

The gang at A2Z Engineering was great to work with on my latest LEED project. I could leave a phone message or email and they understood what I needed, and responded with the appropriate materials promptly. In my case, they were on the spot change orders that needed code compliance. A2Z helped the project get through these with little difficulty. I will not hesitate to use them in the future. 

Bruce H. Lowry

When developing our property on Flathead Lake, we encountered a major hurtle. The county would not grant us a septic permit and recommended that we contract an engineering company to evaluate and design a system that would meet the counties strict requirements. Based on the recommendation of my architect, I contacted A2Z Engineering and requested their services in preparing a engineered septic system. A2Z Engineering handled all phases of the project including site evaluation, design, presentation package and they presented the proposed plan at the variance hearing before the Lake County Board of Health. Unfortunately, the Lake County Board of Health refused to vote on the proposal and they suggested that we take our proposal to the State level. Once again, A2Z Engineering prepared and presented our case to the DEQ and they were extremely impressed with the proposal and granted our variance. Needless to say, this is a company I respect and enjoy working with. I would highly recommend them for any difficult engineering project! 

Mark T. Johnson, Architect

I have worked with A2Z Engineering for over 12 years. I have come to rely on their expertise and professionalism in various disciplines of engineering. Their breadth of knowledge has been an asset to my practice many times.