Michael Matera

My experience with A2Z Engineering has been awesome. The A2Z team never failed to fulfill my demanding needs for structural engineering services. For my residential project, I incorporated advanced construction methods and materials to create a custom structure with high energy efficiency, comfort, and unique free spans. The project combined Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s), Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s), and a newly devised, pour-in-place, elevated concrete floor system. A2Z interfaced effectively with the project designer, building component manufactures, and site construction managers. The A2Z professionals identified and corrected flaws in the recommendations and guidelines provided by the component manufactures, yet never alienated relationships with component suppliers or project site managers. Throughout all phases of the project, from: planning; implementation; and critical field decisions, the resources at A2Z Engineering were never more than a telephone call away. All of my needs were resolved promptly and professionally without ever needing to initiate a “reminder call”. I wouldn’t undertake a construction project without structural engineering services and I consider myself very fortunate to have selected A2Z Engineering.