Bruce H. Lowry

When developing our property on Flathead Lake, we encountered a major hurtle. The county would not grant us a septic permit and recommended that we contract an engineering company to evaluate and design a system that would meet the counties strict requirements. Based on the recommendation of my architect, I contacted A2Z Engineering and requested their services in preparing a engineered septic system. A2Z Engineering handled all phases of the project including site evaluation, design, presentation package and they presented the proposed plan at the variance hearing before the Lake County Board of Health. Unfortunately, the Lake County Board of Health refused to vote on the proposal and they suggested that we take our proposal to the State level. Once again, A2Z Engineering prepared and presented our case to the DEQ and they were extremely impressed with the proposal and granted our variance. Needless to say, this is a company I respect and enjoy working with. I would highly recommend them for any difficult engineering project!