Civil & Enviromental

Civil plans are produced using the most current version of AutoCad Civil. We welcome projects of any size.

subdivision design engineering civil environmental
From land use planning to final plat approval, we have the experience to find solutions to the most challenging topographic and geological conditions. Our staff is dedicated to working with planning authorities, the MDEQ, developers and surveyors in designing subdivisions of any size. We provide design work for public water systems, storm water runoff systems, community wastewater systems, transportation networks and individual septic and well location.

A key component in the subdivision approval process is professional representation in public hearings. We have experienced public speakers on staff who will professionally represent your proposed development in the critical approval meetings.

septic waste water systems engineering civil environmental.png
Locating a suitable septic site and designing a system to match it can be a challenging task. Our staff has successfully obtained septic approval in difficult locations. Services include:
• Initial site visit and locating suitable septic sites
• Test hole placement and perc testing
• Pressure-dosed drainfield design
• Pump design
• Level II septic design
• Sand mound
• COSA/DEQ submittals
• Environmental health submittals
• Squirt test observation and as-built submittal

water systems engineering civil environmental
Providing clean, potable water is a fundamental design issue in development. Our water system design services include:
• Multiple user water systems
• Public water systems
• Shared well agreement utilizing single well locations

large scale waste water treatment systems engineering civil environmental
Waste water treatment on a large scale requires a balance of environmental protection, community needs, future planning and fiscal responsibility. Maintaining this balance is vital to the successful application of treatment technologies. Our experience in large scale waste water design includes:
• Lagoon design
• Municipal multi-stage treatment
• Feasibility studies
• Collector/main design
• Lift stations

large scale waste water treatment systems engineering civil environmental
Water law within Montana is very complex and evolving. Securing the rights your project needs is essential to success in the long term.
• Small well exemptions
• Water system rights
• Surface water rights
• Well analysis and pump testing

storm water engineering civil environmental
Recent changes in state and local regulations have greatly increased the complexity of the design and approval process. Our storm water services include:
• Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
• Storm water design reports
• Drainage and grading plans
• Technical representation during approval process

stream lake permitting environmental engineering civil
• Dock and marina
• 310 permit
• 404 permit
• Flood plain permitting

environmental studies engineering civil
• Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
• Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

civil environmental engineering expert witness
Expert Witness services offered include:
• Consultant
• Expert witness
• Depositions

civil environmental engineering inspection
Inspection services offered include:
• Subdivision infrastructure
• Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMP)
• SWPPP Compliance
• Water/Wastewater infrastructure